With all of the changes that have transpired over the course of the last three weeks, I want you to know that none of the CHS May or June student activities have been canceled at this time. Prom, Powderpuff, Faculty basketball, Senior Activities, Grad Night, Graduation etc... are all presently still being planned. The CHS ASB is working optimistically right now as if we will return in May. While our current focus is making the events happen at the originally scheduled time and date, we are also brainstorming ideas for how to host these major events should we return in June, and even if we do not return at all. While this is a dynamic scenario that changes by the day, we are ready to plan and host celebrations while keeping health and safety recommendations at the forefront of our planning.

Class of 2020, we love you, we are thinking about you, and we will celebrate you!

CHS students, make sure you are following ASB Instagram accounts listed below. ASB will be rolling out some fun ways to stay connected as an Islander family during this time of distance learning, starting this next week. CHS students should also all be added to our "Islanders" Powerschool page at this time. If you need to be added to that page, please email me at nicole.belong@coronadousd.net

CHS ASB Instagram @coronadoasb

Class of 2020 Instagram: @coronadohighschool2020

Class of 2021 Instagram: @chsclassof.2021

Class of 2022 Instagram: @coronado.2022

Class of 2023 Instagram: @chsclassof.2023


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