Local Artists In Spreckels Park At Celebrate Oz!

Artistic excellence in a wide variety of media will be on display and

offered for sale from 10am - 4pm on August 2nd in Spreckels park

including work from the following local artists:

Linda Austin • Tina Christiansen • Mary Beth Dodson

Victoria Freeman •Mary Hale •Val Herbert • Karrie Jackson

Kathleen McCabe • Jean Pierre Margues • Dixie McCarthy

Jody Mohr •Dan McGeorge •Joan Nies •Jim Nix • Jim Palecek

Glory Palecek • Dale St. Denis • Deanne Tiffany • Doug St. Denis

Anouk Vashe • Anna Woerman • Carol Young among others.

Also, meet and greet local author, George Galdorisi

Additionally, a selection of prints and note cards by one of Coronado’s most beloved and prolific artists Sara Rowe (1933 - 2011) will be offered for sale to benefit the Coronado Cultural Arts Commission. The work was donated by her husband, Lionel. Sara was renowned for her watercolor paintings of local landmarks with her best client being the Hotel Del. Seven of her paintings were selected as covers for the Kennedy Coronado Telephone and all will be on display on August 2. In addition to numerous awards, Sara was commissioned to paint 250 original watercolors for the Limited Edition book, The Enchanted Island and the Smithsonian in Washington, D.C. requested and received her 1996 Republican Campaign art work for display at the museum there. A rare opportunity to see and own some of Sara’s work, please visit her booth at Celebrate Oz!

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