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Did Coronado Inspire “The Wizard of Oz?” ... Exploring The Facts About Mister L. Frank Baum

Truth can certainly be stranger than fiction, and often more fun. But where do we draw the line between fact and fable? Who draws that line? How many times have we heard about pods of gray whales migrating into San Diego Bay? That Prince Edward met Wallace Simpson at the Hotel del Coronado? That Jim Morrison of the Doors lived in Coronado. Or, that “The Wizard of Oz” was inspired by the Hotel Del?

While much of that is true – whales did enter San Diego Bay, and Jim Morrison did live in Coronado – the Wizard of Oz tale, unfortunately, is not. The fact is, the true story of L. Frank Baum and Coronado is even more exciting.

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Oz Con International To Coronado!

The Coronado Cultural Arts Commission Welcomes

Prior to the establishment of the Coronado Cultural Arts Commission (CAC), we held an Arts Forum in June of 2011 inviting arts organizations, artists, writers, and arts supporters to join us in a conversation about the arts in Coronado and what we would like to see as part of our future.

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Wizard Of Oz Convention Comes To San Diego

On August 8-10, 2014, San Diego becomes the Land of Oz when it welcomes the fiftieth annual Winkie Con to the Town and Country Hotel in Mission Valley. 

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Click, Click, Click ... Ruth Ann Fisher Is Home!

Nobody else connects to the phrase “There is no place like home” more than Del Coronado Realty’s Ruth Ann Fisher. Believe it or not, The Wizard of Oz took hold of the Fisher family while visiting her daughter Cassandra “CJ” Fisher’s, godparents in Kansas of all places. It was during that ironic visit that Cassandra Fisher saw The Wizard of Oz for the very first time and it was a life-changing event to say the least.

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Oz Comes Alive In Film And Dance At CoSA

Film, Dance, and the Wizard of Oz are joining forces this summer as Coronado School of the Arts (CoSA) partners with the City of Coronado Cultural Arts Commission in order to create Oz Alive! on August 2 at 7 p.m. Talented students from Coronado and all over San Diego have been given the opportunity and privilege to work with outstanding guest teachers that are some of the best in their trade during summer intensives hosted at CoSA.

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Coronado Library Hosts Oz Con Opening Reception

The Coronado Public Library is hosting a special exhibition on the Wizard of Oz and the Opening Reception of Oz Con International on August 1, 2014 at 6:30pm. Admission and viewing of the exhibition is free, and a talk with slide show will be given by Angelica Carpenter, former President of the International Wizard of Oz Club, at 7:30pm in the Winn Room. A no-host wine bar will be staffed by the Friends of the Library as a fundraiser.

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L. Frank Baum’s Coronado - A Walking Tour

Coronado Public Library, 640 Orange Avenue

A great place to start your walking tour is at the Coronado Public Library. Appropriate because Baum changed children’s literature significantly as the first American author to introduce “fantasy” as a writing genre and first author world-wide to follow up a first novel with a sequel (there are 14 books in his Oz series). Baum said “The Wonderful Wizard of Oz was written solely to please children of today. It aspired to being a modernized fairy tale, in which the wonderment and joy are retained and the heartaches and nightmares are let out.” Little did he know that he would be pleasing children of all ages for over 100 years.

Opening August 1 at 6:00 pm (and continuing through the month of August) The Coronado Public Library will feature an exhibition of rare Oz memorabilia from Winkie Con’s David Maxine and graphic originals from the works of Eric Shanower. 

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Local Artists In Spreckels Park At Celebrate Oz!

Artistic excellence in a wide variety of media will be on display and

offered for sale from 10am - 4pm on August 2nd in Spreckels park

including work from the following local artists:

Linda Austin • Tina Christiansen • Mary Beth Dodson

Victoria Freeman •Mary Hale •Val Herbert • Karrie Jackson

Kathleen McCabe • Jean Pierre Margues • Dixie McCarthy

Jody Mohr •Dan McGeorge •Joan Nies •Jim Nix • Jim Palecek

Glory Palecek • Dale St. Denis • Deanne Tiffany • Doug St. Denis

Anouk Vashe • Anna Woerman • Carol Young among others.

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