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Coronado Provides Coronavirus Response Update, Resources

There is an outbreak of a respiratory disease caused by the novel coronavirus 2019, or COVID-19, across the country. The San Diego County public health officer has issued orders that direct certain closures, discourage gatherings of any size and direct social distancing requirements to prevent the disease from spreading. The City of Coronado encourages everyone in the community to abide by the County’s directives and the governor's "stay at home" order. The extent of local transmission is unknown. However, everyone should prepare for the possibility of wider community spread.

Coronaviruses are a large family of viruses that are common in many different species of animals, including camels, cattle, cats, and bats. Rarely, animal coronaviruses can infect people and then spread between people such as those with Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS which occurred in 2002) and Middle East Respiratory Syndrome (MERS which occurred in 2012) and now with this new coronavirus.

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Coronado’s “Avenue Of The Heroes” ... Capt. William Carbine Green, USN

A native of San Diego, Bill Green graduated from the University of Southern California’s NROTC program in 1952 and was immediately assigned to the cruiser USS Helena in Korean waters.

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CoSA Students Continue to Create Art

The Coronado School of the Arts (CoSA) from Coronado High School are working to keep the creativity going during this forced hiatus from school.

Karrie Jackson, CoSSA Visual Arts instructor, sent students home with their current projects as well as supplies they might need in order to keep them going.

Instrumental Music students for the most part keep their instruments with them at home and are continuing to practice and rehearse. Many are continuing with private lessons via Skype or FaceTime. The students were preparing for a piano recital working on compositions by Bach, Beethoven, Brahms, as well as jazz duets.

Technical Theatre students continue to design lighting and sound plots they were working on before the break. Some are continuing work from home on props and costumes for CoSA’s next scheduled musical, “Freaky Friday.”

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Share Your Stories From Home

With many of us at home for the time being due to the COVID-19, now is a perfect time to use the camera function on your phone, or just use your camera. Share what you

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Francis Gary Powers, Jr. Addresses Gathering At The Coronado Public Library

Although his name sounds familiar, you may have trouble placing Francis Gary Powers, Jr. He is the son of famed U-2 Pilot Francis Gary Powers, Sr., who was shot down in his reconnaissance plane over the Soviet Union, May 1, 1960. The incident was one of the most famous events in the Cold War battle between the United States and the Soviet Union, which had political ramifications for many years. Powers Jr., who goes by Gary was in Coronado recently to address roughly 35 residents at the Coronado Public Library about his famous father and to sell copies of his book, “Spy Pilot.”

Powers Sr., who for clarification purposes we’ll call Francis, came from humble origins, born August 17, 1929, during the height of the Great Depression, and raised in Pound, Virginia. Gary said, “His Dad Oliver Powers was a coal miner, who family history said did a little bootlegging on the side. They did what they had to do to make ends meet. Dad told me stories from when he was a kid, that his parents didn’t know where their next nickel was coming from, not just the next dollar.”


Meet Dixie, an athletic, dynamic mutt who is ready to keep you…

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Council Approves Trial Encroachment Permit For Restaurant; Votes To Launch ‘Safe At Home But Not Alone’ Program

Amidst a surreal seating layout for attendees, and with the live audience consisting primarily of the City’s Department Heads, the Coronado City Council forged ahead and conducted their meeting of Tuesday, March 17, 2020. The seating pattern, designed to keep a six-foot social distance in all directions from others, found City Manager Blair King and City Attorney Johanna Canlas only partially visible, as they were seated behind the five Councilmembers in the walkway located behind the dais.

From a time perspective, the meeting’s most important issue was consideration of the request for an Encroachment Permit and a Commercial Use Permit for outside dining for the Garage Buona Forchetta Restaurant located at 1000 C Avenue. The eatery is located in the building that was formerly occupied by the El Cordova Garage, hence the name.

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COVID-19 In The Rear View Mirror

A year from now, as we look in the rear view mirror, what will we see?

I would hope that we would be able to say that “we were proud of ourselves, and that we did a good job protecting our health, but perhaps at a cost of the future economy.” There is an undeniable relationship between the two.

It will be deemed a success, no matter economic repercussions, if the number who become sick or who unfortunately die, is declared a reasonable number.

The logic, which is hard to argue, is that this is necessary to preserve lives. Like an out-of-control express train, it appears impossible to stop. The situation has made an indefensible question to ask, “Is this the best response?”

At a point, informed choice may assume the mantle. Businesses could reopen under reasonable rules to protect the pubic as we learn to be more careful of health and respectful of each other.

Life will return.

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Losing The Spring Semester, A College Senior’s Perspective

My name is D’amy Steward and I am a member of the class of 2020 – the class that lost their final spring semester. What does this loss mean? For many of us, we heard news of the Coronavirus and its impact on our senior year while on spring break. The immediate impact: missed goodbyes to friends, professors, and advisors; missing our final walk to class across the quad; a final time studying in the library; running into friends randomly on campus abruptly terminated; a premature last sporting event; and most significantly, a graduation that will not be. These and many more “lasts” have passed before I even have a chance to process it. The feeling of closure on the past four years of

Garage Buona Forchetta Opens And Pitches In To Do Its Part During The Virus Outbreak

It’s not the best time when the opening of your restaurant coincides with a virus outbreak, but Matteo Cattaneo is still offering an opportunity for customers to try his food.

Last Friday, March 20, Cattaneo was wearing an apron and with a smile on his face, was running from the kitchen to a table set up at the front of the restaurant, helping his employees fill the orders customers were calling in for pick up. The eatery was open only for a couple of days before Governor Gavin Newsom ordered restaurants to only be open for take out orders.

Cattaneo jumped at the opportunity to provide take out and his customers were happy to have a chance to order and try Buona Forchetta’s dishes of pastas and pizzas to feed their families.

This is Cattaneo’s fourth Buona Forchetta restaurant. The other locations are in South Park, Liberty Station and Encinitas. Cattaneo came to San Diego from Bergamo, Italy in 2006 to earn a Master’s degree in Business Law. But his plans changed somewhat when he met and later married his now wife Alexa.

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Stay Connected And Be The Difference

Even if you can’t get together face-to-face, you can stay connected to friends, family and neighbors with phone calls, text messages, video chats and social media. If you’re feeling lonely, sad or anxious, reach out to your social support networks. Share what you are feeling and offer to listen to friends or family members about their feelings. We are all experiencing this scary and uncertain time together.

Feeling anxiety or depression is a common reaction in times of uncertainty or when there’s a perception of danger, and the COVID-19 situation certainly qualifies as such a time. This is something new and worrying that we are all facing together.

That’s why you are encouraged to use tips from Mental Health First Aid to support those around you who might be feeling overwhelmed, stressed, anxious or depressed. With these tips, you can #BeTheDifference for your loved ones while physical distancing and help them through this challenging time.

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Musica Vitale Internship

Do you need community service hours? Have you always wanted to support a local group? Are you social media, facebook, and digital photography savvy? And someone of good character with excellent communication skills?

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Cozy Up in Your Home While Supporting Local Businesses

As we settle in for the ultimate staycation there are a few simple ways we can make our home life that little bit cozier, while also showing some love to the small business retailers in our neighborhood.

Each of these items can be delivered to your doorstep and will bring a smile to your face, as well as giving a little boost to the person who has carefully and safely packaged your gift. Pick two today for a brighter tomorrow.

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Coronado Newspaper Project Complete, Local Newspapers Searchable Online

The multi-year Coronado Newspaper Project of the Coronado Public Library and the California Digital Newspaper Collection at the University of California Riverside is complete. Coronado’s newspapers from 1887 through 2013 are now available on the web.

The newspapers are fully searchable by subject, keyword, linked words and dates, and search results bring up articles or full pages of the newspapers. Images of specific articles can also be retrieved.

Win Village Theater Tickets With The Eagle Weekender

The Coronado Eagle & Journal’s e-blast, the Eagle Weekender, randomly selects a weekly winner on their subscribers list to receive 2 free tickets to the Coronado Village Theater. This has been a huge success due to the support and donation of tickets from the Coronado Village Theater.

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